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What to Do After a Thanksgiving Car Accident

With millions of people on the roads this Thanksgiving holiday, there will be an increase in traffic accidents. These accidents may be caused by traffic congestion, speeding, weather conditions, distracted driving or impaired driving. Car accidents can be very stressful and scary situations. It is common to feel shocked and anxious. We hope you have…. Read More

Studies Show Dangerous Glyphosate in Breakfast Cereals

If you have children or love oats in your meals, then you might be concerned about recent news reports that revealed high levels of glyphosate in breakfast cereals across multiple brands. Glyphosate is an herbicide that is used by farmers nationwide; Roundup is a common brand name. While glyphosate is concluded to be non-carcinogenic to…. Read More

California Adds Protections for Workplace Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Awareness

Last month’s blogs discussed a recent change to California employment laws. Our blog went over California’s new “Ban the Box” law, which adds protections for some jobseekers with criminal convictions. However, there are other employment laws that went into effect on January 1. California recently amended the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). Under these…. Read More

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