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Injured From a Dog Bite, Slip and Fall, or Other Accident?

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, bitten by a dog, or suffered other serious injuries as a result of a property owner’s mistake or negligence, you may have a right to receive compensation for all medical costs relating to your injury, for pain and suffering and for other damages.

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Most of our clients are uncertain of their rights. They do not know what a fair settlement is. They do not even know how to calculate such a thing as the trauma that could ensue for a lifetime as a result of a dog bite. They cannot address issues such as how many facial surgeries it will take to heal a child’s scarred face and injured facial nerves. We provide them with the information that they need so they can make informed decisions about how we can best pursue justice and a fair settlement on their behalves.

Winning Results

We have won meaningful results that have helped clients in personal injury matters and premises liability matters that include:

No Free Dog Bites in California

California law states that even if the dog has not bitten anyone before, there is still liability on the part of the owner. This means that the plaintiff does not have to prove negligence on the part of the owner and insurance companies may be more likely to settle. Even if you were riding on a bike and the dog just pushed you, the owner is still liable for any damages or injuries that you suffered.

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