White Collar Crime Lawyer

White Collar Crime Lawyer

Accused of a Federal Crime or a White Collar Crime?

A large percentage of our criminal defense work centers on white collar crime cases. These cases stand apart from other kinds of criminal defense matters. They generally involve large amounts of documents, records and e-mail accounts. Outcomes can center on document access, technical details, case investigation, witness interviews and case presentation. Federal criminal matters are different from typical criminal defense cases in that federal agencies have gathered much of the evidence against you before you have even been arrested. These cases are much harder to overcome and are known for their complexity. They are also known for the serious penalties upon conviction. When the stakes are high, we are the firm to call for help.
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At Arata Swingle & Van Egmond, we have a white collar crime lawyer that knows how to track paper trails and e-mail records involved in federal crimes investigations and white collar crime cases. We know how to analyze large amounts of evidence. We know the questions to ask to elicit the information that we need to build the strongest case possible. In the Northern California and Central Valley area in which our Modesto law firm works, we represent clients accused of federal crimes that include:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Fraudulent real estate transactions
  • Misrepresentation on bank documents
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Rent or real estate transactions based on fraud or forgery
  • Internet crimes
  • Embezzlement, fraud and identity theft
  • Violent crimes
  • Drug offenses

Pursue Justice for You

Our goal for each individual client is to obtain a case dismissal or a not-guilty verdict and we use our considerable resources and skill to pursue that outcome. We offer clients lawyers who are experienced handling a broad range of business and insurance matters, including a white collar crime lawyer with more than 37 years of experience.

We make sure that our clients know their rights, options and potential outcomes for any legal matter. This understanding provides our clients with reassurance rather than fear of the unknown. We are committed to providing personal, caring and attentive client service every step of the way. To discuss your specific legal concern, learn your rights or learn how an experienced white collar crime lawyer can help you, at (209) 522-2211.

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