Modesto Commercial Truck Violation Attorney

Modesto Commercial Truck Violation Attorney

Protect Your Drivers’ Privileges — Modesto Commercial Truck Violation Attorney

Our Modesto law firm represents commercial driver’s license holders, tourists and others who have received reckless driving tickets, speeding tickets, DUIs or other traffic violations that are threatening their right to drive. We handle cases throughout the Central Valley and Northern California. When every point counts, we are the firm to call.
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Arata Swingle & Van Egmond is skilled in handling matters for:

  • State residents and college students: if you get more than four speeding tickets in one year, you can lose your license.
  • Commercial Truckers and Class A License holders: If you are a commercial truck driver or hold a Class A license, every point can threaten your livelihood. You probably already know that the majority of trucking companies will fire you if you receive more than two tickets within the space of a year.
  • Out-of-state tourists: If you are a tourist who has been pulled over for speeding, we can represent you. You do not even have to appear in court.

Our team of attorneys includes a former prosecutor and a trial lawyer with more than 37 years’ experience.

Focused on Your Case

We work hard. We work smart. We work with your end goal in mind as we efficiently and quickly investigate your case. We will raise every issue that we can as we press for a case dismissal or seek to minimize consequences of traffic violation conviction, especially in the case of commercial truck drivers (CDL holders).

Tourists and Out-of-State Truckers Get Help Here

If you are a tourist or a trucker from out of state who has received a speeding ticket, we can represent you without your ever needing to appear in court.

Do Not Allow a Ticket to Cost You Your Job

Commercial truck drivers are held to higher standards. We are aware of the extensive rules and regulations governing the trucking industry and have won results for hundreds of CDL and Class A license holders in matters that include:

  • Log book violations
  • Violating overweight specifications on specific roadways
  • Truck speeding (over 55 miles per hour when towing a trailer
  • Violation of downhill speed zones and grade restrictions
  • Lane violations

To discuss your specific legal concern relating to a traffic offense or other criminal matter, learn your rights or learn how an experienced Modesto commercial truck violation attorney can help you, please call to arrange at (209) 522-2211.

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