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Struck by a Scared Driver Who Fled the Accident Scene?

A California Hit and Run Accident Lawyer Understands the Gravity of Your Situation

Pedestrians struck by cars in crosswalks, parking lots or intersections suffer the most serious injuries when hit by a car. Unfortunately, often the driver is too scared, too drunk, or isn’t aware of the accident and drives away from the scene. Pedestrian hit-and-run accidents are becoming more frequent in the Central Valley region and throughout Northern California, leaving the injured victim confused about where to go for help filing a claim for damages.

If you or a child in your family was injured in a bicycle or pedestrian hit-and-run accident in the Central Valley region or Northern California, you can rely on the personal injury trial lawyers at Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond & Goodwin in Modesto. We will investigate the accident and help you find every available option for seeking full and fair money damages. Besides the driver’s insurance, you may also be able to collect from the property owner, the local municipal government or your own insurance policy.

Integrity and Hard Work Pay Off for Our Clients

We have earned a reputation in our community for being the litigation firm with integrity. We work hard and we work smart. We take every measure to help our clients recover the full and fair money damages they deserve, and we have a success record of obtaining millions of dollars in settlements and jury verdicts since 1977. Don’t give up. We will do everything possible to help you recover the money from available sources.

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