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Whether you have been accused of writing a bad check, theft, insurance fraud or embezzlement, the law office of Arata Swingle & Van Egmond is here to protect your rights. We are based in Modesto, and have a Modesto fraud law firm on staff who have been handing criminal law matters since 1977. No matter the circumstances of your arrest, there is a defense.
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When good people find themselves in desperate situations, they may take steps that they would not normally take. Sometimes they cross the line of the law. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance and we are here to make sure you get one.

Whether you have been falsely accused of theft or embezzlement or there are extenuating circumstances in your situation, this law firm can help. Claim your right to a qualified Modesto fraud law firm now.

Skilled Modesto Fraud Law Firm

Our team of trial defense lawyers knows how to track paper trails and access Internet records. We understand these mediums and have the resources and the knowledge that many criminal prosecutors lack. We use our considerable resources to build you the strongest case possible.

Skilled Investigation

We help prosecutors, judge and jury see the whole picture of what happened, not just the moment in time of your arrest, addressing matters such as:

  • False testimony
  • Improper search warrants
  • Details that have been left out that are critical to the case
  • Issues of how much you knew of the alleged fraud

Comprehensive Personal Injury –

We have assisted clients in obtaining case dismissals, not guilty verdicts, diversions and plea bargains in white collar crime, fraud and embezzlement cases that include:

  • Fraudulent real estate transfers
  • Insurance, healthcare, mortgage or loan fraud
  • Embezzlement from a church, public entity or private business
  • Identity theft and other theft
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Stolen Social Security numbers
  • Fraudulent notary transfers

In fraud cases, we also help the opposing side put things into perspective. Was there an alleged victim? Was the mortgage lender the “victim” or was our client, the person who lost his or her home as a result of a fraudulent act on the part of a realtor or broker? To discuss your specific legal concern, learn your rights or learn how an experienced Modesto fraud law firm can help you, please call to arrange an appointment at (209) 522-2211

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