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First-time offenders for a DUI almost certainly face a driver’s license suspension from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), potential jail time and high fines. Those who are convicted on a repeat DUI or a felony DUI, can face from 16 months to three years in prison. With consequences such as these, it can be very helpful to retain the services of a skilled Modesto DUI lawyer from our firm. DUI Defense. Determined. Knowledgeable. Experienced.
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There is no such thing as a judge going easy on a first-time DUI offender just because he or she does not have an attorney, or because he or she is underage. Our Modesto, California, law firm has the skill, the experience and the track record to provide you with a strong DUI defense.

Knowledgeable, Comprehensive and Skilled DUI Defense

Our attorneys are actively involved in the local legal community. One of our lawyers has a membership in the American Board of Trial Attorneys (ABOTA), whose members are noted for their ethics and abilities to advocate for each individual client. Another of our team is a former prosecutor who knows how to build a case from the inside out. We will chip away at the case against you, while dealing with the DMV and seeking to help you obtain a work permit if you need your car to maintain your livelihood.

Investigate and Build Strong DUI Defense Cases

The law surrounding DUI is complicated. We know how to investigate and build strong cases. We will look at issues that include:

  • How did the police stop your vehicle?
  • Was your equipment that tested your blood for alcohol maintained?
  • Was the police officer legally mandated to test your blood?
  • If you were involved in a DUI accident that resulted in someone’s death, we have a skilled Modesto DUI lawyer. We will use our network of experts to reconstruct the accident and determine the cause of death.

Our first goal in every DUI case is to obtain a case dismissal. If that is not possible, we help the prosecutors look at extenuating circumstances that may have contributed to your DUI. In particular, if you have never been arrested before, we may be able to obtain a diversion. To discuss your specific legal concern relating to a DUI offense or protecting your driver’s privilege during a DUI case, talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney at (209) 522-2211. 

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