Wrongful Death Suit Worth $25 Million To Be Tried In Federal Court

Wrongful Death Suit Worth $25 Million To Be Tried In Federal Court

Posted By: Arata Swingle Van Egmond & Goodwin on Mar 07, 2015

When a loved one is wrongfully killed by the negligent or reckless acts of another, the responsible party can be held liable under the law. In order to do so, survivors of the deceased individual will bring a wrongful death suit against the parties responsible for their loved one’s death.

Incidents of wrongful death are unfortunately common. For example, a woman whose husband was killed in a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport brought a suit naming the operators of the airport, the Los Angeles Airport Police, the city of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles Fire Department, and Los Angeles County as parties. The suit is being brought on behalf of the man’s wife and his children.

The suit, which is claiming $25 million in damages, is based on the premise that the widow’s husband’s death could have been avoided. He was killed while working as a Transportation Security Administration officer at LAX. The widow’s husband was not the only individual harmed in the shooting two years ago – three other people, two of whom were TSA officers, were also wounded.

The wrongful death suit claims that police officers were not present to stop the shooting from occurring or to protect the TSA agents who were at risk. Additionally, the suit claims that it took too long for aid to be provided to the woman’s husband. Finally, the suit is alleging that the airport failed to enhance its security measures and failed to properly train airport police. It will be tried in federal court.

Situations like the above happen all too often, albeit on a smaller scale.

Negligent security is just one theory upon which a wrongful death suit could be premised. There are many other theories with the overlying theme being a negligent or reckless act of another individual or entity that caused the death.

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