I was a Passenger Injured in a Car Accident

I was a Passenger Injured in a Car Accident

Posted By: Arata Swingle Van Egmond & Goodwin on Aug 14, 2017
Picture of passenger injured in a car accident

If you were a passenger injured in a car accident, it is important to recognize that you have legal options available to you that can help you recoup losses from medical bills and other damages. For serious injuries that include a significant hardship that will extend indefinitely such as a spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis, there are additional claims that your attorneys can make to provide lifelong care and make up for lost earnings from work.

The first step to filing a personal injury claim is finding a lawyer or legal team who specialize in personal injury law, particularly when it comes to passengers. When passengers in auto accidents file personal injury claims, there are certain third party insurance claim problems that can arise. You must be able to provide significant proof of damages with medical reports, police reports, and other evidence. This process can also be lengthy because in some cases investigations will be needed in order to determine compensation because there is not an existing contractual obligation between the injured passenger and the at-fault driver’s insurance. This changes when you choose to bring a claim to your insurance provider. To determine which insurance company the claim should be filed with, you will need to consult with your lawyer.

If you are interested in pursuing your rightful claim for compensation as a passenger injured in a car accident, you need to collect the necessary information and bring it with you to a consultation with your new legal team. At Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond & Goodwin in Modesto, CA, we ask all of our clients to bring insurance information for each driver. We also ask our passengers to bring with them any medical reports that they have had or their medical visit information with them to a consultation. It is helpful for our team to be able to assess the damage and draft up a strategy as well as an understanding of what we need to ask for in compensation. It is very important to think long-term in this respect because many car accident injuries require further treatments later on in life.

Ready to begin? Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond & Goodwin can help you with your personal injury claim in Modesto, CA. We specialize in personal injury law and are a personal injury law firm. Contact us today to begin the process of moving forward with your personal injury lawsuit. As a passenger injured in a car accident, you deserve to be compensated and we can make sure that you will be.