A Look At California’s New Labor Laws For 2017

A Look At California’s New Labor Laws For 2017

Posted By: Arata Swingle Van Egmond & Goodwin on Dec 30, 2016

There are a few new labor laws that California employees should be aware of in the upcoming New Year. Chief among these is an increase in minimum wage. As of January 1st the California minimum wage will increase to 10.50 an hour. This is the first among several increases planned in the next 7 years with the wage landing at 15.00 an hour in 2022.

Also among the New Labor Laws is an expansion of the Ban The Box law. Under existing state law it is illegal to ask prospective employees about arrests or detentions that did not result in convictions. This will be expanded to include a prohibition on inquiries into juvenile offenses as well.

Another law being expanded in 2017 is the Wage Disparity law. It is already illegal for employers to offer lesser wages to women and minorities. However, many employers were skirting this regulation by citing an individual’s previous salary as justification for lower wages. With the new expansion of the law, this will no longer be legal.

One of the more interesting new laws was written along with the 2017 laws. However, it will not go into effect until 2019. This law will regulate the maximum indoor temperature employees are forced to endure while working. The goal is to reduce the number of heat related injuries sustained on the job.

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