Injured at a Public Pool? Who’s liable?

Injured at a Public Pool? Who’s liable?

Posted By: Arata Swingle Van Egmond & Goodwin on May 02, 2017
Picture of injured at a public pool

Temperatures are beginning to climb, so naturally, people are heading to the public pool to cool off. Everyone wants to have a good time while beating the heat. But not every pool trip is a pleasant one. Often tragedy strikes at the happiest times. When accidents happen you have rights, though you will need an attorney to defend those rights, as well as to prove who was at fault.

There are many factors that can lead to injury at the public pool, and premises liability law will generally make the owners and operators of the pool liable for injuries suffered there. That doesn’t mean that they are always responsible. Some deciding factors will be if the injured person was partially or wholly responsible for their own injury, as well as if they had permission to be on the premises.

In this type of case, we determine what caused the injury in the first place. If there were not adequate warning signs or there was no safety equipment, fences, and alarms, or no supervision was in place could have been the cause. It is up to the owner to provide these safety measures, and when they don’t they can be held accountable. It’s possible that it is a case of negligence. This can happen if any of the equipment on the premises was installed incorrectly or was damaged. Owners have the responsibility to make sure that all equipment is safe and functioning properly.

Do keep in mind that a swimmer does have responsibility for their own safety as well. For instance, if you are running at the public pool and you slip and get injured as a result of that fall, you may be responsible if there were signs clearly posted stating that the area is slippery when wet.

When working on your claim the personal injury lawyers of Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond & Goodwin will investigate the accident scene and communicate with medical professionals to determine the cause and extent of your injuries, or file a wrongful death claim for cases of drowning. We’re here to help you get compensated for your public pool injuries.