What Are Lawmakers Doing to Prevent Sexual Harassment?

Modesto Personal Injury Lawyers Escalon pic2As more and more sexual assault and harassment allegations come out involving embattled Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, female politicians in California are joining forces to help make changes they hope will prevent sexual harassment.

How California Lawmakers Plan to Prevent Sexual Harassment

Per The Sacramento Bee, over 140 female lawmakers, lobbyists and political consultants released an open letter condemning California’s lack of checks and balances when it comes to sexual harassment and sexual assault. The letter calls on “good men” to believe sexual assault and harassment victims and have their backs in the fight to bring their abusers to justice.

Christine Pelosi, who is the chairwoman of the California Democratic Party Women’s Caucus, is calling on the California Legislature to publicly disclose any sexual assault or harassment claims involving lawmakers. In addition, Pelosi would like to see an independent commission formed to investigate those claims.

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