Recent Settlements

Homeowner Insurance Dispute – $250,000

By George Arata

A homeowner had experienced several vandalism events and burglaries to his home. The numerous break-ins left the house in appalling shape, manifestly resulting in the house being unsalvageable. Primary residents became the argument in the case for receiving compensation from his homeowner’s insurance.The claimant received for $250,000 for damages.

Auto Accident – $730,000

By George Arata

A 62 year old claimant was involved in an auto accident caused by an illegal turn. The injuries acquired left the claimant with significant residual impairment of motion in wrists and a fractured arm. Due to the claimant’s injuries, she was unable to continue in her career profession. The case settled for $730,000.

Auto Accident – $700,000

By George Arata

A 38 year old claimant was traveling on the right side of a country road shortly after sunset.Approaching the vehicle in the opposite lane was a tractor pulling a disk. The claimant ultimately ended up hitting the disc due the disc being illegally placed over the yellow lines. The accident was shown to be unavoidable […]

Farming Accident – $600,000

By George Arata

A self-employed 60 year old individual was traveling in an almond harvester approaching a stop sign. Behind him was a freightliner truck. The freightliner did not see the vehicle, due to impaired vision, thus resulting in hitting the harvester from behind. The almond harvester spun out of control, ultimately sending it into a nearby home, […]

Auto Accident – $700,000

By George Arata

As the claimant was driving down an open road in her vehicle, a dual trailer gravel truck approached a stop sign ahead of her. The truck driver had a clear vision of the vehicle and was aware the vehicle had the right-of-way.The truck driver proceeded forward interrupting their right-of-way. Due to the excessive speed the […]

Auto Accident – $262,500

By Bradley Swingle

A young woman was struck by a hit and run taxi cab. As a result, she sustained a broken tibia that required surgery. Ultimately, through much diligence, it was believed that the correct cab company was located and ultimately sued. Defendants denied that it was their cab involved in the incident but, ultimately, our office was able to […]

Wrongful Death – $150,000

By Bradley Swingle

Represented the parents of a man who was killed by a hit and run driver. The driver was ultimately located and pled no contest to a felony hit and run. The driver was uninsured so a claim was filed against the parents’ automobile insurance company seeking uninsured motorist benefits. The insurance company denied the claim arguing that there […]

Bad Faith Suit – $300,000

By Bradley Swingle

A man’s Honda Accord was stolen outside of a bar in Stockton, California. Client made a claim to CSAA for the loss of the vehicle of approximately$23,000. CSAA denied the claim which forced our office to file a lawsuit against CSAA for ‘bad faith’ alleging that CSAA wrongfully denied the client benefits under the policy. Ultimately, the case […]

Dog Bite – $312,500

By Bradley Swingle

A 63 year old man was attacked and bitten by a Weimaramer dog. Client sustained puncture injuries, scarring and strength loss in his injured arm. Our office retained a plastic surgeon and neurologist to render opinions as to the client’s need for future medical treatment which greatly increased the value of the claim. The matter was settled prior […]

Wrongful Death – $1,000,000


A 71 year old man was riding his bicycle on the shoulder of a two lane highway. A driver in a vehicle was also on the highway traveling the same direction. The vehicle came to a curve in the road which the driver followed ultimately over the solid white line.  Upon a warning from […]

Motorcycle Accident – $950,000


Colleen Van Egmond A 59 year old claimant was traveling through a residential area on his motorcycle. The motorcyclist entered an intersection with a stop sign being on the opposite road traveled. Upon arrival, a van neglected the street sign and went through the intersection without stopping. The claimant motorcycle was not able to avoid […]

Personal Injury – $1,000,000


Bradley Swingle A man was hired by a property owner to fix an automobile that would not start.  The client checked to make sure the vehicle was in ‘Park’ before getting under the vehicle.  As he was under the vehicle, it lurched forward and ran over him, causing him to suffer paralyzing injuries.  Our office […]

Road Construction Worker Accident Modesto Settlement – $695,000


$695,000 – The claimant was working on the job as a flagman for road construction. As routine, the flagman had one direction of traffic stopped for construction. A semi-truck failed to notice four work construction flags, a flagman and two stopped cars. The semi attempted to break but ultimately caused a domino effect by plowing […]

Brain Injury Car Accident Modesto Settlement – $1,100,000


$1,100,000 – The claimant was playing “Good Samaritan” when he stopped to the side of the highway to help another person pull his vehicle out of soft sand. For an unknown reason, the driver (whom was stuck in the sand) pressed his brake pedal causing the connecting chain to snap. The claimant’s vehicle proceeded to […]

Wrongful Death Car Accident Modesto Settlement – $2,900,000


$2,900,000 – A person was operating a vehicle containing three other passengers. The driver was going at an excessive rate of speed on a country road when the driver came upon a canal bank which caused the driver to lose control and ultimately, an accident. Two passengers were declared dead at the scene while the […]

Motorcycle Accident Settlement Modesto Settlement – $5,000,000


$5,000,000 – A husband and soon-to-be father was traveling to work on his motorcycle. Two co-workers in two separate vehicles approached a stop sign ahead of the motorcyclist. After the first vehicle verified enough distance from the motorcyclist, he began to proceed through the intersection. The second vehicle attempted to tether his co-worker but ultimately […]

$650,000 Slip and Fall Back Injury Case in Modesto


George Arata The claimant experienced a slip and fall in a public grocery store. The store failed to have caution signs in place. Our client went through numerous situations including surgery, lumbar epidural injections and acupuncture. Nothing thus far has given the client any relief or pain or disability.  The doctor who performed the surgery […]

$5,000,000 Wrongful Death Case in Modesto


$870,000 Crop Loss Case in Turlock


A farmer and an equipment installation company had a verbal agreement on an installation to the farmer’s land. The farmer paid $15,000 up front to proceed with the work. After the installation, the farmer noticed numerous errors which ended up costing him two years of damaged crops.  An expert was hired to perform a diagnostic […]